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2012-06-29 13:34


FANUC先進的搬運軟件包使得看似繁重的搬運工作變的輕而易舉。 物流搬運機器人解決方案的範圍,從2公斤至1200公斤,強大的機器人陣容提供有效載荷搬運工作。




F-200iB LR Mate 200iC LR Mate 200iC/5C
LR Mate 200iC/5F LR Mate 200iC/5H LR Mate 200iC/5L
LR Mate 200iC/5WP M-10iA M-10iA/10S
M-2000iA/1200 M-2000iA/900L M-20iA
M-20iA/10L M-20iA/20T M-3iA/6S
M-410iB/160 M-410iB/300 M-410iB/450
M-410iB/700 M-420iA M-421iA
M-430iA/2F M-430iA/2FH M-430iA/2P
M-430iA/2PH M-430iA/4FH M-710iC/20L
M-710iC/50 M-710iC/50S M-710iC/50T
M-710iC/70 M-710iC/70T M-900iA/150P
M-900iA/200P M-900iA/260L M-900iA/350
M-900iA/400L M-900iA/600 R-1000iA/100F
R-1000iA/80F R-2000iB/100P R-2000iB/125L
R-2000iB/150U R-2000iB/165F R-2000iB/165R
R-2000iB/210F R-2000iB/220U
ARC Mate 50iC/5L.pdf F-200iB Series.pdf LR Mate 200iC Series.pdf
M-1iA Series.pdf M-2000iA Series.pdf M-20iA Series.pdf
M-3iA Series.pdf M-410iB Series.pdf M-420iA Series.pdf
M-430iA Series.pdf M-710iC Series.pdf M-710iC/T Series.pdf
M-900iA Series.pdf R-1000iA Series.pdf R-2000iA EW Series.pdf
R-2000iB Series.pdf R-2000iB/200T.pdf  
ARC Mate 100iC & R-1000iA Welding and Grinding a Metal Box
FANUC Robots Used in PRE-TEC Automated Wood Wrapping Machine
LR Mate 200iC and M-1iA Solar Panel Assembly
LR Mate 200iC integrated into FANUC Robodrill Machine Tool
LR Mate 200iC Lathe Tending
LR Mate 200iC Machine Tending Load of Aluminum Extrusion Housings - DAC
LR Mate 200iC Machine Tending: Two Turning Operations with Robot to Robot Handoff - JH Robotics
LR Mate 200iC Machine Tool Load/Unload of Parts
LR Mate 200iC Robot Lab Data Collection - ESS Technologies
LR Mate 200iC Sorting Pills by Color
LR Mate 200iC/5H Picking and Placing Small Vials
M-10iA and LR Mate 200iC Molding Machine - Interplex
M-1iA Machine Tending Spring Forming Machine
M-2000iA and ARC Mate 100iC Intelligent Welding Demonstration
M-2000iA Car Body Transfer and M-20iA Seam Sealer Application
M-2000iA Intelligent Heavy Payload Cell
M-2000iA Sand Core Handling - Ellison Technologies
M-2000iA/900L Large Part Handling and Transfer
M-20iA and LR Mate 200iC Mold Machine Tending and Part Testing
M-20iA Mori Seiki Machine Tending
M-3iA & LR Mate 200iC Doughnut Picking and Sorting
M-410iB Machine Tending, Transferring Large Casted Parts
M-410iB Palletizing a Variety of Consumer Goods
M-410iB Palletizing Boxes - General Electric
M-410iB Palletizing Pails and Cases
M-410iB Palletizing Presentation Boards - Brenton Engineering
M-410iB Stacking and Palletizing Sheets of Plastic - Burton Industries
M-410iB/140H Palletizing and De-Palletizing Boxes and Bags
M-710iB Palletizing Cases - ESS Technology, Inc.
M-710iC Bin Picking Hubcaps
M-710iC Machine Tending and Error Proofing of Parts
M-710iC Machine Tool ROBODRILL Toploader
Madison Area Technical College FANUC CERT LR Mate 200iC
Paint Mate 200iA and P-50iA Handling and Painting Radio Knobs
R-2000iB Gakushu-Improved Cycle Time Demonstration
Rail Mounted M-710iC Machine Tool Load - Ellison Technologies
Rail Mounted R-2000iB Dual Machine Tending and Error Proofing on Tools